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As a certified social enterprise, we have profit re-investing services, low-bono and pro-bono services that allow us to reach our social impact mission of enhancing the lives of young people. Click on our video to learn more from those at the helm.

Profit Re-investing

We offer Corporate Culture Building packages, Team Building workshops and our 'Deeper Intervention' Training which serves as a group work incubator to pass on our methodologies in taking young people on growth journeys.


Low-Bono & Pro-Bono

We re-distribute profits from our above services to schools where the need for our workers and programs requires more than a school can afford. This can be a third day per week at no cost to the School (Low-Bono) or simply a free worker, presentation or program (Pro-Bono).



We have multiple ways that someone wishing to volunteer and help make a difference in the lives of the young people that we support can engage in.

1.   Program Mentor - our workers are always looking for mentors to assist in the facilitation of character, potential and emotional health topics and concepts that are involved in the programs that we deliver. These are most often 60-70min weekly sessions with a debrief directly after.

2.   Youthologist - We call the arm of our Social Enterprise that delivers our Ad-Hoc Presentations, Seminars and Workshops 'Youthology' and are always looking for more volunteers to come out to schools and assist us deliver these meaningful programs.

3.   Wellbeing Officer - For those with experience and/or qualifications in Youth Work, we can even deploy volunteers into schools with no funding for any amount of time from 4 hours per week right up to full-time. This 'Pro-Bono', volunteer role is perfect for smaller schools and we provide paid training all year round. Contact us for more information.

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