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Helping a Student


Outcomes Focussed

We work with each student to determine individual goals in both social and emotional and academic areas. Data is tracked across both domains with each student having input into their personal goals, creating a sense of empowerment and ownership over their own learning journey that translates to other areas of their lives.

Good Grades

Recipe for Success

We teach your child how to work smarter not harder by empowering them with 7 hacks that enhance their ability to perform in social settings and in their education. By applying these hacks consistently in a 1-on-1 or Hub environment, your child integrates these principles rapidly.

Computer Class

Experienced Team

Our tutors are education accredited with classroom experience. We have primary school, middle school, high school and diverse learner trained staff who are passionate about seeing your child experience tangible growth, both personally and academically.


Holiday Hubs

Our Holidays Hubs combine fun and experiential learning activities with 'get ahead of the class' educational sessions for a unique blend of social & emotional and educational outcomes.

Recycling in the Classroom

What does it cost?


$69 per hour
Home schooling

Homework Hub

$39 per hour
up to 4 Students per Hub
Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Holiday Hub

$69 Full Day
up to 12 Students
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