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Organisational Culture Change

A four phase program to enhance the culture of your organisation

Whole and healthy staff make organisations run more efficiently in a variety of ways. Staff whose needs are being proactively and positively met, not only by the systemic measures we help to put in place but also by each other amidst an honouring and emotionally safe workplace culture, have a lesser impact upon human resources, require fewer personal days, last longer in their professions (lower staff turnover) and work harder for longer. When your work is fulfilling     (not necessarily because of the nature of the work itself, but because of the culture) our productivity, efficiency and sense of belonging are dramatically increased. Reach out to us today to receive a preliminary proposal and begin your journey of culture enhancement!

Deeper Intervention

Power Tools


Culture Framework

Understanding how culture is paramount for us to grow on a values growth framework.


Detailed write-ups,
Plethora of take-home session plans
and concept kits to resource your classroom, home or workplace.


What is going on within yourself, helping you grow.
What is going on within your groups ie. your marriage, family, friends and work relationships, helping you self-discover.
What is going on within your relational practices, helping you to break down more barriers.

Workplace Team Building

As we have developed over 30 different Culture models and concepts, all utilising the very best that Action-Based Learning and Group Work has to offer, we can provide your group/team/organisation with a Team Building Session like no other!
We call it 'Team Building with a difference'. 
It is actually more like an Action-Based, Culture Building session where colleagues reap the rewards of any advanced Team Building workshop but also grow at a character level and take home easy to implement, strategic social, emotional and mental health tools that will make their personal lives and professional lives burst with purpose and fulfilment.
While we tailor each session to the unique needs of our clients, below is a guide as to what a session with our team might look like. Please contact us to start the conversation with us about our tailored approach to your teams needs.

Group Pic DI Elimbah 2021.jpg

Half day

4 hour session
$895.00 (+ GST)

Up to 10 participants included then $30 per person after that.

Full day

8 hour session
$1,785.00 (+ GST)

Up to 10 participants included then $60 per person after that.

Returning Session

Returning sessions discounted

Receive 20% off each returning session

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