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Kick off your Leadership with a bang!

This inspiring, heartfelt and passionate day comes to you from the masters of Action-Based Learning, delivering a robust combination of motivational speaking and small group practical sessions. Facilitators specialise in a style that guarantee's a higher degree of integration and application of the theme's discussed through-out the day. This is unlike any student leadership conference you have been to before, the lectures are kept to a minimum with the focus being kinaesthetic, 'out of your chair', action-based learning!

Joshua Schloss

Hear from Youth Motivational Speaker Joshua Schloss (Founder and Managing Director) on Leadership, Legacy and how our Self-Talk plays a huge part in our capacity to lead well.

His message is poignant, relevant, humorous and engaging.

Lorin Nicholson

Legally blind, Lorin’s seminars empower, motivate and inspire individuals with fresh perspective, ideas, skills and strategies necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world of ever increasing challenges and the constant pressure to perform.

Coach Chris Mitchell

Receive clear direction from Leadership Coach Christopher Mitchell on how to influence others well. All aspiring and emerging leaders need to learn how to build great Connection and a healthy inner Culture.   Chris will transition listeners to the next stage of their Leadership Journey through practical, experiential engagement.


Discuss the following topics amidst an honouring and safe group that utilises floor cards and ropes to engage at the highest level;

  • The Moral Courage to Lead

  • My Self-Concept 

  • Values-Based Leading

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Primary Leadership Summit March 10

Senior Secondary Leadership Summit March 10




We seek to bring student leaders from across Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region and the Sunshine Coast together for a fun and interactive day of learning, exploring and discussing the intricacies of leadership. Click below to pre-register your expected numbers so we can ensure we have seats for you when the time comes to sell tickets. Tickets will be on sale for $50 per Student and $20 per Teacher (*Early Bird Price). Prices increase on December 12 to $65 per Student and $30 per Teacher.

The following is an outline of the program.

8:30am - Registration & Check In

8:50am - Session 1 

10:20am - Morning Tea Break

10:35am - Session 2

12:15pm - Lunch Break

12:40pm - Session 3

2:15pm - Closing Session

2:30pm - Finish

Sessions will have one or two speakers, question times, short videos, learning exercises, student involvement, music and student interaction including small group exploration of models and concepts using ropes and floor cards.


Students selected by their schools or community groups as possessing leadership potential are invited to attend the Summit. Some schools send the students they have recently appointed to leadership positions such as Student Leaders, Ambassadors, Sports, Multicultural, Music, Arts and School Captains. The program is designed to benefit any student who shows an interest in developing their leadership potential which also makes it a great day to send distance education students to. Contact us for more info.

All students in attendance will have access to a digital Certificate of Participation following the event.

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