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School-based Programs

Our primary mission as a social enterprise is to enhance the lives of young people. We achieve this in many ways however we are most grateful for the relationships we have built with Schools since 2014. It is through schools that we have been able to grow our reach and impact. Below you will find the ways we can engage with Students at your School.



Large Audience Presentations are a great way to have a high impact on larger groups of young people eg. entire year levels or even multi-year levels. Click below to learn more.



Our most popular Presentation featuring the famous 'Harry' talk. Founder Joshua Schloss talks about his experiences with bullying, peer support and the immersive nature of how we are expecting to be treated while at school. This Presentation uses Virtual Reality and polling software in what has come to be known as hard hitting, hilarious and deeply impactful.

The Presentations link has  a video about our flagship presentation since 2014.



These engaging and activity based sessions will see your captains and student leaders hear motivating stories and highly engaging content around a multitude of topics.

Click below to learn more.


Student Wellbeing

Being an AEA to the Department of Education means that we are able to provide your school with a permanent worker through the National Chaplaincy Program, Youth Support Coordinator Initiative and/or the Student Welfare Worker Program.  Click below to learn more.

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