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Welcome to VIRB PATS, where animals change the lives of all humans, great and small.

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About Us

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PATS offers all encompassing therapy solutions, providing certified training courses for handlers and their pets to work within the therapy services industry. You can train with us and then work for us as a member of out PATS Pack, or train with us and take your new skills into your exisiting workplace, community group or volunteer organisation as a PATS Ambassador.

PATS also creates and facilitates bespoke therapy programs across a wide range of services including schools, justice, community services, health, aged care, justice and corporate environments. Our Ambassador teams can also provide programs and services created by PATS for their exisiting workplaces.

Whether it is our PATS Pack or our amazing Ambassador teams, our services provide emotional support, opportunities to decompress, wellbeing check-ins, family support, veteran wellbeing, child and young adolescent coaching, support and mentorship in a non-judgemental, yet slightly slobbery way.

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Jodie and Frankie, PATS Fraser Coast

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more, than it loves itself."

Why Animal Therapy?

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"The healing that is achieved in silence when a dog is present, can never be put into words."

Therapy is different to every person, and every situation. When a human comes into close contact with an animal, a natural phenomena occurs where stress hormones decrease and the ability to trust increases.

The very presence of a dog attending a school on a regular basis has shown incredible results in improving the attendance and literacy skills of disengaged students from Prep to Year 12. 


At a person's most vulnerable time in their life, the presence of animal can give the strength to move forward. Therapy animals provide emotional support to humans in hospitals, those attending court, funeral homes, professional therapy environments, nursing homes and those who are

Discover how PATS provides certified therapy training and creates bespoke therapy programs for various communities. 

Watch this video to meet the dedicated PATS team and their therapy animals, and see how our comprehensive programs support emotional wellbeing in schools, justice, community services, health, aged care, and corporate environments.

What Makes PATS Different?

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Every human and every dog learns in their own unique way. PATS has realistic expectations of the journey you will undertake during training. Your success is the journey. Our training courses combine your existing skills with a blend of face to face training, self directed learning and online tutorials in a supportive and adaptive learning environment.

Our Services


Certified Dog Handling Team Training

Our team training course runs over 20 weeks and is presented via a multi modal approach to learning.

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Do you need a therapy program created for your business, community group, or upcoming event?

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Read to Me

Youth and adolescent reading programs

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Do you need a therapy program created for your school?

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Do you need help to better understand and train your pooch?

PATS at Home

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Work for PATS Pack as a certified handler

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Some dogs are just perfect for becoming a therapy dog and sometimes, their humans are a pretty good match. Becoming a therapy team with your dog will change your life, and the lives of those you work with.


To learn more about our courses or services near you, tap the button below.

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