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Building Emotional Resilience in Children


with Joan Koskela,
Author, Trainer, Speaker and Practicing Counsellor

The Fourth Quadrant Foundation is pleased to host Joan Koskela as she leads us on an insightful two-hour journey of exploring the skills that have the potential to build a strong foundation for a healthy mind to develop, which over time produces healthy behaviours. If you work with young people or are a parent yourself, this morning is not to be missed!

'I set out to write a book for children as an intentional prevention for anxiety, depression and suicide in young people. In my mind this is just not an acceptable emotional state for our children to find themselves in. In this attempt to purposely give young minds access to reassurance and hope, believing that this would automatically (in most cases) produce emotional resilience over time. Subsequently, that resilience would be sustainable if they continued to build their minds on truth and reassurance rather than indulge sick thinking and lies. The potential in this project for those who will take it seriously is going to be quite profound and we look forward to your discoveries, feedback and comments. I adamantly believe prevention is better than cure.' - Joan Koskela



Join us on the ground floor function rooms at Vitality Village in Birtinya.

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Only 30 seats available.
Six-hour Professional Development certificate is available for attendees.


Monday 15 May

The workshop starts promptly at 8:30am and will finish at 3:00pm.
After there will be a resource table, Joan will be answering questions.

Building Resilience in Children 2023
Building Resilience in Children 2023
15 May 2023, 8:30 am
Vitality Village
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