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Motivational Presentations

Small group Programs

Leadership Programs

Camp Program Facilitation

Culture Focussed Approach Training

Student Wellbeing Program (SWW, YSC, Chaplains)



Team Building Workshops
Event Speaker

Corporate Culture Development

Culture Seminars

Workplace Emotional Intelligence



Tutoring & Homework Hubs

Emotional Health Coaching

Youth Coaching

Mental Health Retreats (Adult)

Parenting Workshops

Recreational Activities (Camps & Ski Days)

Learn about who we are.

For The Fourth Quadrant Foundation, helping people gain new emotional health skills isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. Established in 2014, we are a certified, accredited social enterprise that reinvests the bulk of its profits into our core purpose to enhance the lives of young people.

 The Fourth Quadrant Foundation currently has relationships with over 50 state and private schools in Queensland and Victoria.

All Fourth Quadrant Foundation staff and volunteers are empowered and equipped to champion a child safe culture and are committed to the highest standards of safety and care in our work with children, young people and families.

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